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Anchorage, Alaska based company BeadedStream is a manufacturer and designer of custom, digital temperature monitoring solutions used in a range of research and engineering applications. They service instrumentation requirements in engineering, construction, oil, gas and mining, transportation, and environmental monitoring.

Industries BeadedStream works in:

Sensors Used in this Application

BeadedStream uses the MaxBotix MB7366 primarily for snow and water level monitoring. Specifically, BeadedStream has used the MB7366 for tundra snow depth monitoring.

Our Close Range Sensors for Protected Environments.

Featured Sensors: Our HRLV-ShortRange-EZ Line

RS232 TTL MB1603 MB1604 MB1613 MB1614 MB1623 MB1624 MB1633 MB1634 MB1643 MB1644

For solutions where the following is needed:

The HRLV-ShortRange-EZ Line of sensors have a resolution of…

What do we mean by fully calibrated beam patterns?

All of our sensor beam patterns are factory calibrated to fit into a wide variety of applications. In our product lines, each model number comes with a different beam pattern that reflects the sensitivity and the detection zone of how it sees a target. Additionally, we strive to maintain consistency…

As you’re developing your application, one of the most important components to your success is a reliable sensor. Our ultrasonic sensors are used in a variety of applications, and we’re currently being integrated in several vehicle profiling use cases and other vehicle detection applications.

Capability to reliably detect vehicles enables…

What are Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are often used for obstacle avoidance, distance measurement, and autonomous navigation.

While they are commonly used for hobby robotics applications, you’ll also find them used in automation and manufacturing use cases.

Most of our sensors are built with the transmitter and receiver in the same housing. We also…

Omixom SRL is an engineering firm based in Córdoba, Argentina specializing in Agriculture and working with Government entities to provide solutions.

How this system works

The autonomous station takes samples of the water level and rainfall in a strategic location of the riverbed.

This data is sent via a satellite to a web server.

tanker truck monitoring sensors

Monterrey, Mexico based company RACSA has developed a diesel and gas level monitoring solution for tanker truckers using telemetry with GPS.

Industries served:

RACSA has been working with automated vehicle locating (AVL), telemetry, and developed security solutions for their customers using electronic detectors they have…

wifi cellular gateway iiot

MC Smart Controls & CellFree Wireless are US-based companies that specialize in IoT and IIoT solutions in need of Wifi to Cellular gateways.

Types of solutions:

Industrial Commercial Inexpensive wireless internet connect solutions. IoT Industrial sensors Leak detection systems Industrial controls Real estate technology Industrial monitoring Proptech

MC Smart Controls…

iot sensors for agriculture

The agriculture industry has seen a lot of change in the last few decades, from GMO’s to pesticides. This is because we are using more technology than ever before to grow our food. The next step for farming is the Internet of Things (IoT). With IoT sensors, farmers can get…


Member of the MaxBotix Inc. Team. Ultrasonic Sensor designers and manufacturers.

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